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Mathieu Bastian



Workshop: Code your First Gephi Plug-In

Gephi is an open-source network visualization platform. Since 2007, it aims to create a sustainable software and technical ecosystem, driven by a large international open-source community, who shares common interests in networks and visualization. Designed to make data navigation and manipulation easy, it aims to fulfill the complete chain from data importing to aesthetics refinements and interaction.
The presentation will starts with some visualization examples and a short software demonstration centered on visualization and layout algorithms. It will then focus on the software architecture and how to create plug-ins. A 5 minute demo will finally present how to create a Hello World plug-in. The presentation will end with questions and discussions

BIO Mathieu Bastian
Mathieu is the co-founder of the Gephi open-source project and is passionate about data visualization and “building the Photoshop for graphs”. Since 2007, Mathieu is developing the software and animates this vibrant community. He recently moved to California to work in the Data Analytics team at LinkedIn. There, he worked on InMaps, an interactive visualization of your LinkedIn network, and continues to focus on data-driven products.

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