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Dani Malik


Hot Studio, San Francisco & New York

UX Clinic, sponsored by Hot Studio

The UX doctor is IN at Hot Studio’s walk-up clinic. We can offer a full spectrum of UX services to ensure your product idea is useful, usable and desirable:

– help you validate which data inputs are most interesting or useful
– identify user needs that correspond to your data viz
– validate your interaction model
– screen for usability issues
Staffed by experienced members of Hot Studio’s award winning User Experience team. Come visit us!

BIO Dani Malik
Dani Malik is Executive Director, User Experience at Hot Studio, Inc. She has over a decade invested in helping companies large and small define their strategies and approach to making great user experiences. She is chronically active in the UX community, planning and organizing many professional events and conferences, and founding the IxDA San Francisco chapter in 2008 (currently with 2000+ members). She also raises children and chickens, with varying degrees of success.

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