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Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

  • Moiz Syed
    Have done a few visualizations in the past using Java, Processing and Javascript. My folio is at:
  • Anna Flagg
    Have done a few visualization projects in Processing, specifically to visualize the effects of man-made forest cuts on lemurs in Madagascar

Team 4

  • Brian Sherman
    I’m talented in data analysis and using design software to create compelling visual stories. I also have an Engineering background, and can speak the language of science.
  • Marit Brademann
    Quantitative data analysis expert, proficient with Stata and Excel. I am a painter in my leisure time so playing and creating visual experiences is fun and challenge for me.
  • Mark Maximus Muskardin (expert)
    I’m an End-To-End Web Developer specializing in UI Interface Engineering 9-6. I’m looking to work with Designers and Information Architects in order to place great faces on large data sets. I have the technical know-how to translate their visions to the web. I’m an expert in Front-End Development & Architecture, Front-End Performance Engineering, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Node.JS, Heroku, Ruby on Rails deployment.
  • Sjors Provoost

Team 6 (is looking for a person with badass front end visualization skills)

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Team 10

  • Ian Wong
  • Diego Monico
  • Zach Margolis
  • Billy Roh
  • Brandon Liu

Team 11

Team 12

  • Sam Ho
    I’m looking for expert engineers ideally with machine learning backgrounds! I’m more on the product and design side of things but have expert analytical skills. I have some limited experience in R and Java and HTML (but haven’t been a real programmer for almost a decade).
  • Martha Pettit
    I’m a designer and researcher. I would love to paired up with someone who is a Javascript/Polymaps coding ninja but has a need for a designer who knows color, typography and good UI.
  • Edwin Chen
  • Rachel Binx
    I work as a Design Technologist at Stamen, so doing front-end design and programming.
  • Siamak Faridani
    I am a graduate student and have been working with human data collected from social networks. I know R, Matlab and Python pretty well. I can work with Tableau and Excel and can code a little in Flash/Flex. I have coded in protoviz but I am not really great in it.

Team 13

  • Mary Becica
  • Barret Schloerke
  • Edward Fine
  • Marianna Anderle
  • Norman Klein

Team 14

  • Lettie Malan
  • Prajakta Godbole
  • Indhira Rojas
  • Matthew Lanton
  • Scott

Team 15

  • Giorgio Caviglia
  • Pino Trogu
  • William Gunn

Team 16

  • E.O. Stinson
  • Steffen Frost
  • Julia Klein
  • Kathleen Kegaarn

Team 17

  • Zac Bowling
  • Vishal Verma
  • Julie Silverman
  • Trey Doig
  • Steve Salevan

Team 18

  • Holly Hagen
  • Ed Salvana
  • Dave Shih

Team 19

  • Kai Chang
  • Tom Turner
  • Jefferson Braswell
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