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Let us introduce you to your fellow collaborators and competitors.

Some participants have signed up as an expert. This means that they will dedicate 1 hour of their time during the event to help other teams. Make sure you take advantage of these talented folks!

Please note: We will sign up the teams on Friday evening, June 24. If you don’t have a team, this is what you can do:

1. Watch out for people who need a team below and get in contact with them. Either through LinkedIn, commenting at the bottom of this page, or by writing us an email. We are happy to put you in contact.

2. Come to the Friday evening event and let us know if you need a team. Existing teams must let at least one “outsider” join their team.

Please also note that we have linked all participants to their LinkedIn profile to make it easy to get in contact. Write us in case you have any questions or if you would like us to put you in contact with a participant.

Looking for a team:

  • Sarah Groff-Palermo 
    I’m an interaction designer and content specialist — good with matching types of visualizations to the data available and the story we want to tell.
  • Paul Pettengill
    I’ve been a product manager for an Analytics product for the Life Sciences industry.  I’m currently working on a data visualization project for Higher Education.
  • Bjoern Lasse Herrmann (expert)
    I’m looking for a team member who is a genius developer with passion to solve big data problems.
    I’m an expert in ontology, decision making, milestone based assessment, etc.
  • Wei Zhang
    I’m familiar with script language: Perl, Python, good at data formatting and cleaning, and I have some experience on R and Gnuplot for visualization.
  • Eliza Van Gerbig (expert)
    My background is in visual design with a focus on user-centered design and strategic marketing.
    I’m interested in working with all disciplines – but would be very interested in working with those in places of influence (media, science, etal).
    I’m an expert in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Max Marmer
    I’m working on a startup that will need to do a lot of data visualization and I’m looking for team members with expertise in Matlab and Web Scrapers.
  • Stephen Ackroyd
    I am primarily interested in the UI part of Data Viz.
  • Praveen Kumar
    I’m developing a mobile analytics platform.
  • Pino Trogu
    I’m an assistant professor in Information Design and I”m looking for statisticians and programmers with expertise in data processing. My interests are design (visual appropriateness) and economical means (data-ink ratio (Tufte)).
  • Jessica Santana
    I’m open to anything, but prefer others interested in social network analysis. Have experience in user experience research/design, basic programming skills with emphasis on mobile, product management (storyboarding, wireframing, etc.), project management, presentation skills, etc.
  • Danielle Venton
    I am interested in interactive visualizations to assist me in my science reporting.
  • Julia Klein
    I’m a medical illustrator and I like to brainstorm ideas with others. Skills include: medical illustration, drawing, sketching, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, some 3D software including ZBrush, Osirix, and Maya.
  • Giorgio Caviglia (expert)
    I am a PhD student in design at the DensityDesign Research Lab ( and my research focuses on the design of interface and interactive visualization for digital research. I have both graphic design education and programming skills. I have been designing and developing interactive visualizations using Flex and Javascript (d3, polymaps) for the last three years. I’m an expert in Adobe Flex, Adobe Creative Suite and HTML/php.
  • Sjors Provost (expert)
    I’m open to completely different ideas, but my main interest is the current state of the world economy. If you have a huge set of data, I’d love help making sense of it, figuring out how to explain it to our audience, crunch the numbers and build the basic plot. Others will have to make it actually look nice. Main relevant skills: * Mathematica * SQL * Ruby on Rails * Google Charts *.
  • Kathleen Keigharn
    I’m interested in developing an interesting, beautiful, concise visual language for the increasing numbers of large, complicated data sets of this life.
  • Adrian Navruzyan (expert)
    I’m interested in data aesthetics and an expert in Tableau, Protovis, R (Lattice).
  • Peter La Roche
  • Zac Bowling
  • Art Kho
  • Daria Marmer
  • Hunter Whitney
    I am interested in Data Visualization as a UX designer.
  • Nicholas Shulman
    I am interested in comparing the work at MITs SENSE-able City Lab and Silicon Valley’s finest for-profit miners.
  • Lydia Sugarman (expert)
    I’m working on a consumer health site that involves capturing and managing a huge amount of data. I’m an expert for business and customer development, in creating and understanding personas and in demographics, particulary the women’s markets.
  • Kai Chang (expert)
    I work on a web-based visualization with SVG and Canvas. I’m interested in learning more about Gephi, R and other visualization tools, and I’m an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Raphael, Protovis and d3.js.
  • Vishal Verma
    I’m very interested in visualization techniques for large-scale heterogeneous data. I know HTML5, JavaScript, C, Perl, Ruby, MySQL and Sqlite.
  • Josh Damon Williams (Hot Studio)
  • Dave Shih (Hot Studio)
  • Maria Guidice (Hot Studio)
  • Ed Salvana (Hot Studio)
  • Dani Malik (Hot Studio)
  • Holly Hagen (Hot Studio)
  • Scott Tran (Hot Studio)
  • Hari Kunamneni
    I am interested in learning how to effectively communicate data
  • Kenneth Ng
    I’ve developed apps in Healthcare. I am interested to build applications from public or government data.
  • Ceasar Bautist 
    I used to design games for fun back in high school, and ever since I’ve been extremely interested in collecting, interpreting, and visualizing data.
    I’m still fairly young and not experienced as most, but I’m pretty decent with Python, Django, and jQuery.
  • James Truong
    I have a background in education, technology training, application/software development, information visualization, UX/UI but I am not a graphic designer nor a developer so it would be great to balance out the team with one or both of those skills.
  • Christian Baudry
    I am good at statistics
  • Joyce Yan 
    I am a designer and good at some basic programming
  • Crystal Yan
    I am a designer
  • E.O. Stinson
    I’ve got lots of recent experience with Ruby/Rails, Perl, database and query design, and API interconnection. I also have a lot of experience with HTML, Javascript/AJAX, and CSS, although I think my CSS isn’t completely up-to-date. I have rusty experience with PHP, Java, C/C++.
  • Ariel Rokem
    I am looking for someone with experience and knowledge of the design aspects of data viz.
    I am good at statisticis and scripting.
  • Pylyp Nuzhnyi
    I’m interested in visualizing insights extracted from textual data.
  • Manish Shah (expert)
    I’m nterested to see how data can tell a story and how that story can be brought to life with data viz. I’m an expert in Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Carl Nelson
    I’m particularly interested in those data sets involving city, health and transportation data helps shift behaviour choices. I’m good at Meta-questions, purpose, and consequences.
  • Zac Witte
    With I visualize a large amount of real-time geo data. I’m always interested in finding better ways of communicating more information with maps. I’m looking for data visualization expertise – perhaps processing.js. I bring the coding skills to the table and I’m good in back-end and front-end development primarily with python, mongodb, jquery and html5.
  • Bruno Morency
    I would love to offer developers access to our email data API: Some very neat visualization can be built on this!
  • Elon Danziger
    I’m fascinated by creative, fun data visualization as well as faceted search.
    My strength is design, also some Flash/Flex development.
  • Lenny Turetsky (expert)
    I’ve developed a patent-pending visualization technology for discreet elements that vary in short- and long- term performance (even real-time), and would like to network with like-minded folks and find new uses for it. I’m also an expert for Development of web & Android mobile apps. HTML/Javascript Ruby on Rails PHP Java (both J2EE and Android) SQL databases.
  • Peter Soderling
    I’m interested in open data, and spoke on data marketplaces at the O’Reilly Strata conference a few months ago. Looking forward to meeting other data junkies, and I’m also interested in experiencing how an event like this is run. 
  • Scott Mackley
  • Kathleen Keigharn
    I’m interested in developing an interesting, beautiful, concise visual language for the increasing numbers of large, complicated data sets of this life.
  • Richard Just
    I’m looking for a new way to extract interesting information from large data sets and I’m a Java developer familiar with mapreduce.
  • Jonathon Blackford
    My strength will be on the design side. I’ve traditionally been very good at understanding audience needs, and in understanding the latent potential of a data set (or collection thereof). I’m more than competent when it comes to visual design, and was a strong coder a few years ago – although my coding skills definitely a little rusty. I’ve played with Google Maps Apis, with Processing, and with the more recent versions of Create Suite, but haven’t developed anything serious with a tool more advanced than Excel for about four years.
  • Ed Koster
  • Steffen Frost
    The iPad/iPhone enables new modalities in visualizing and interacting with data which I like to explore.
  • Julie Silverman (expert)
    I’m a designer interested in working with developers to solve a finite problem/product. I’m an expert in Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign). I’ve a working knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript, Ruby, and R, so can communicate well with people/projects experienced in those paradigms.
  • Henry Navarro
    I have enthusiasm for data visualization knowledge and creativity because I am a visual person who works with data sets.
  • Benjamin Parcher
  • Mary Becica
    I am a front end engineer and designer with a preference for svg and js. I’m good at UI/visual design and front end. I prefer svg and js – d3.js, raphael.js, specifically, but I am willing to take on anything.
  • Chris Cinelli
    I’m good at Processing.js, Infovis, protovis, Highcharts and I’m looking for a generalist. Otherwise someone good on node.js and visualization library would be a killer. Looking also for some good idea…
  • Ryan Medeiros
    I’m a full-time instructor at the AAU and currently teaching onsite and building online course called “Interactive Infographics”.
  • Edward Fine
    I am strong in math and statistics. I have experience coding in Matlab, R and python primarily.
  • Matthew Shoup
  • Erik Adigard
    I’m good in ideation, UX and visual design.
  • Al Nevarez
    My daily work involves reporting and data visualization of customer feedback (structured and unstructured). I also can program in R, Javascript, Perl/Python and have good knowledge of data mining methods.
  • Tom Turner
  • David Townsend
  • Takuya Tsuchiya
  • Josh Mangum
    I’ve done lots of visualization work with html/javascript with jquery, raphael, and dojo.gfx. A little with processing (original) and I’d be interested in using processing.js or protovis this weekend.
    I’m looking for Designers, other developers, or data principles. I’d be especially interested in pair programming in javascript with someone.
  • Lisa Vittori
    I’m a naturalist now taking graphics classes.
  • Erik Swedberg
    I want to develop interactive visualizations.
  • Carlos Gallardo
    I’m looking for someone with technical (R, MatLab) experience. Finance or Economics experience would be great.
  • Yuji Yamamoto
  • Minh Doan (expert)
    I’m an expert in Java.
  • Donart Young
    I’m very deeply interested in data visualization for my companies in health care, finance, and insurance.
  • Ken Hoinsky
  • Todd Cullen (expert)
    I’m looking for a designer capable of doing data viz ideation and styling. I’m a GUI Guru – if someone gives a design, I can make it a reality. 2D, 3D, Flash, JS, WebGL and an expert for Adobe Flex.
  • Adil Ahsan
    I am looking for a Data Base designer. 
  • Sonia Centonze
    I am a presentation designer and I sometimes need to graphically represent numbers and information. I am not a graphic or technical wizard, but I have an interest in the subject. I have some visual and graphic design skills (though I don’t hold a degree). Strategic and analytical thinking. Great positive and can-do attitude! Quick learner, so I can just help with data entry or any other task as needed…
  • Jefferson Braswell
    I am looking for a Data Base designer.
  • Kate Ettinger
    I want to build visually accessible way of navigating “success/fails”, progress of social impact projects … and in ethics work, always looking for tools to help visualize what is known in a sea of uncertainty
  • John Maloney
    I’m interested in Network visualization. Web crawler. Maps of large networks from ‘big data.’
  • Bran Lee
  • C Lee
  • KaLai Wei
  • Hareesh Ganesan
    I’m comfortable with Photoshop, InDesign and some Illustrator. I also know Python and Matlab fairly well, and have a lot of experience in formatting and visualizing time series data.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3 (would like to add a developer)

  • Moiz Syed
    Have done a few visualizations in the past using Java, Processing and Javascript. My folio is at:
  • Anna Flagg
    Have done a few visualization projects in Processing, specifically to visualize the effects of man-made forest cuts on lemurs in Madagascar

Team 4 (would like to have a database administrator or other person skilled in manipulating the technology of data, to compliment my skills in Analysis and Design for presentation)

  • Brian Sherman
    I’m talented in data analysis and using design software to create compelling visual stories. I also have an Engineering background, and can speak the language of science.
  • Marit Brademann
    Quantitative data analysis expert, proficient with Stata and Excel. I am a painter in my leisure time so playing and creating visual experiences is fun and challenge for me.
  • Mark Maximus Muskardin (expert)
    I’m an End-To-End Web Developer specializing in UI Interface Engineering 9-6. I’m looking to work with Designers and Information Architects in order to place great faces on large data sets. I have the technical know-how to translate their visions to the web. I’m an expert in  Front-End Development & Architecture, Front-End Performance Engineering, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Node.JS, Heroku, Ruby on Rails deployment.

Team 5

  • Kevin Tu
  • Prajakta Godbole
    I’m good at HTML and CSS, okay at Javascript and JQuery, good at Illustrator.

Team 6 (is looking for a person with badass front end visualization skills)

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Team 10

  • Ian Wong
  • Diego Monico
  • Zach Margolis
  • Billy Roh
  • Brandon Liu

Team 11

Team 12

  • Sam Ho
    I’m looking for expert engineers ideally with machine learning backgrounds!  I’m more on the product and design side of things but have expert analytical skills. I have some limited experience in R and Java and HTML (but haven’t been a real programmer for almost a decade).
  • Martha Pettit
    I’m a designer and researcher. I would love to paired up with someone who is a Javascript/Polymaps coding ninja but has a need for a designer who knows color, typography and good UI.
  • Edwin Chen
  • Rachel Binx
    I work as a Design Technologist at Stamen, so doing front-end design and programming.
  • Siamak Faridani
    I am a graduate student and have been working with human data collected from social networks. I know R, Matlab and Python pretty well. I can work with Tableau and Excel and can code a little in Flash/Flex. I have coded in protoviz but I am not really great in it.
Team 13
  • Kai Chang
  • Tom Turner
  • Jefferson Braswell
2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 23, 2011 11:13 pm

    Hi All,
    I am working on building a website and I need help designing the database behind the website.
    I have a design in place, it would be nice to be able to have this design reviewed by an expert.


  2. June 24, 2011 3:09 pm

    Hi, I’m William Gunn. I’m a scientist with some expertise in data analysis and a beginner with R.

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